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CFM vs ASP  

Cold Fusion and Active Server Page Comparison
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Cold Fusion  provides a robust set of tools and services for building Web applications. The following table compares ASP 2.0 and Visual InterDev 6.0 with Cold Fusion and Cold Fusion Studio

Target Clients

ASP ColdFusion
Primary target HTML Browser x x
Includes Cross-browser components (Java) x
Application Server – Deployment
Applications Deployed as Scripts & Components x x
JIT Page Compilation x x
Dynamic Output Caching x
Page Caching x x
Support for CGI x
Support For ISAPI x x
Support for NSAPI x
Support for Apache x
System Service Architecture x x
Web Based Administration x
Multithreaded Architecture x x
Scheduling Engine x
Scheduled page publishing x
Windows NT Deployment x x
Sun Solaris Deployment x
Integrated with Transaction Processing x x
Automatic Load Balancing in n-Server Clusters x
Automatic Server Recovery x
High Availability (Fail Over) in n-Server Clusters x

Application Server – Security, State, and Programming

Support for native web server security x x
Client state x
Session state x x
Application state x x
Server state x x
Page encryption x
Open State Repository x
Open Authentication System x
Remote Development Security via HTTP x
Application Sever Sandbox Deployment x
Server-Side Page Includes x
Custom Error Messages x
Server-Side Custom Tags x
Regular Expressions x

Application Server – Database Integration

Full SQL Support x x
Stored Procedures x x
Persistent Queries x
Dynamic SQL x x
DB Transaction control x x
Automatic HTML Table Output x
Support for Crystal Reports x x
Remote Web-based ODBC Management x
ODBC Support x x
Automatic Database Connection Caching x
Can group database access under a single user ID x x
Use database security model (pass though) x x
Native Database Drivers for Oracle and Sybase x

Application Server – Technology Integration

File Uploading x x
Copy, Move, Rename, Delete files x x
Read, Write, Append Files x x
Directory Browsing x x
Email (SMTP, POP) Integration x
Directory Integration (LDAP) x
Server Side HTTP Integration x
Support for COM x x
Embedded Full Text Index/Search Engine x
Programmatic Control Over Indexing x
Support for Indexing ODBC Datasources x
Support for CORBA x

Development Environment – General

Graphical SQL Query Builder x x
Remote Data Editing x
Database Schema Editing x
Web-Based Remote Database Development x
Source-code Control Interface Support x x
Interactive Debugging x x
Visual Screen/Form Builder x
Visual HTML Design x x
Text HTML Editor x x
Wizards x x
Ability to Extend IDE x x
DHTML Tools x x
Site Visualization x x
XML tools x
Server-side Source Control x
One-Step Deployment x

Help Systems – General

Ships with Printed Documentation x
Ships with Online Documentation x x


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